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An extremely curious and hungry creative mind with overflowing imagination that is excited to solve challenges and overcome constraints.

I transform purely technical content, without a common visual language , un-styled, hard to grasp for the non-technical; into vibrant, exciting works of visionary thought.

Transforming the company's vision into tangible deliverables to show it as a fast-paced and technological authority in their business domain. My work intents to create a brand identity that transforms the board directors, clients and corporate partnerships perception of the company and the products.


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quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

My core experience lies with the international high end design market. Overseas projects include award winning defense branding design for Owen Mills Tactical Systems USA, award winning branding design for Luxury Boutique hotel Sands South Africa, award winning design branding for high end Australian Hydrowarm Hydronic Systems, award winning branding design for Skyridge Enterprises, award winning branding design for Le Tour Guide, as well as many other high end & very well known companies on which I am not able to disclose due to NDA’s.

Very creative designs – went the extra mile to deliver something very interesting and truly unique!

Abercownwy & Fflint

Luis Faus is an amazing Art & Design Director. I am extremely happy with his efficiency and professionalism. I will be sure to contract him again in the nearer future.

Samba Thai

Luis Faus is an excellent designer and services his clients with great professionalism. If we ever had another logo design project needing to be done, we’d happily look for Luis to work on the project.

Ariel Homes

He is a perfectionist when it comes to Jewelry design & Photography.The shots are breathtaking, and couldn’t be more happy with the immaculate and perfection maquetation of my jewelry catalog.

Rung Arun Jewelry

Luis Faus was a pleasure to work with. I hope to work with him again. I highly recommend his work.

Chicago Bondage Co.

Very responsive. Quick, efficient & and highly creative. Thanks!

34th St. Services

I find Luis to be a highly skilled designer with an unusual mix of attention to detail, understanding a client's real needs and all that intense creative energy that is ever present, I highly recommend his approach to any discerning clients looking for a solid and thorough experience with timely delivery.

Wiktor BieleckiHigh-End Residential Interior Architect

My latest


Strong universal language of

sense, logic, honesty and symmetry.

Working with a cross-cultural clientèle and audience affords me a unique palate of skills to meet a host of professional needs and expectations. Is an intense challenge while working on high profile projects with demanding clients; however this has given me the necessary knowledge for meticulous attention to detail and aiming towards careful analysis of client’s needs , and have not only formed strong working relationships, but also managed to learn many techniques and gain insider knowledge in many areas. I always appreciated unique ways of working and thinking throughout every cooperation.

I prefer to form strong emphatic relationships with clients to understand what they desire, I like to re-assure them in their journey and expand it in any way I can through my knowledge and experience in various fields, without compromising the design and execution process by making it too complex or volatile. I also prefer to be able to predict their working relationship style in advance.

I speak a strong universal language of sense, logic, honesty and symmetry.

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