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What’s the need of professional graphic design services and art consultancy?

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Most of the people out there have tirelessly spent weeks, months or years developing the perfect and flawless product or service for their prospect. They have had excellent reviews and when the time comes they are anxious to sell their product or service.

And what they do?


They slam the product or service into an old website or they hire the cheapest freelancer around ( by norm the friend of a friend or someone from the family that knows a bit of computers ) And then they hope their product or service sells like mad. They hope their product or service gets noticed amongst the thousands of other competitors with the same or similar products or services.

What it really happens it is that all that effort is gone into the trash for a simple reason;

First impressions DO count.

How is a business or company going to grab the potential prospector’s attention like this?

Because not only you need to endure that their product or service delivers what it says it will, but they need to have a professionally made IMAGE ( which includes all stationary, website, logos, business cards and the lot) to sell that product or service effortlessly.

Poor, outdated or even simply unfriendly color patterns can SERIOUSLY harm the IMAGE of a company or business; and all the buyers or prospectors will run away in the other direction straight into the competitors.

What they don’t realize is that they are risking losing sales because of poor graphics and poor structure of contents that build the overall image of a company. They need graphics which are going to blow the customers mind away.

There is obviously the issue that most of us: Professional Graphic Designers/ Art Consultants  have the reputation to be a bit expensive.  But we are for a good reason; We know what is good or bad for a company’s IMAGE what works and what doesn’t, what color methodology to use in the different variations of services throughout the market, the psychology behind an structure or pattern and how will affect the prospector etc

Yes, there are “packs” with some graphics out there that gives the ability to make some of a company’s image structure. However the making of an entire structure of a company’s image from a “design pack” won’t make that business stand out as custom and new nor innovative. It will have good graphics here and there but nothing constant or relative.

I also know of the budget issues when it comes to the making of the overall image of a company or business, since most of them have spent it all on making their product or service flawless. Most are looking for a top notch IMAGE on a low budget, a word-class structure that can compete elbow to elbow with the big brothers (which happens more often than not) the problem here will be the education of the business making steps. Where most of it relays on the bureaucracy and corporative stuff and in tiny letters at the end will be mention the company’s design process.

Nowadays more and more we rely on the internet, personal mobile phones, social media sharing ;  A unique window of opportunities throughout the world without needing to move or expand offices to other countries and that targets individuals rather than masses or audiences like never before.

Therefore, new businesses or services need nowadays is a professional made and orientated image that will provide the best high level custom design and structure, it comes at a price. But it will cost even more when they employ a relative or a friend of a friend or a cheap freelancer and they see that the image (built cheaply) isn’t working properly to go and repair it by employing a professional graphic design service or art consultancy. And even more so, it will cost really expensive to repair the damage done to the overall image of a company or business if it has had bad reviews of its image and presentation.

In conclusion, those people who are creating a business, products or services nowadays, should allocate an special budget to create the world class image that they all want and need, and employ or hire a professional Graphic Design studio or Art consultancy to make those dreams come true in this very unstable economy, and reach every possible corner of the planet having an outstanding custom image that makes the difference in between theirs and the rest.

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