High Quality Images

If the client (you) has an existing logo to be used in the design work, it should be provided in vector format. The most common vector formats are Postscript (.eps) and Illustrator (.ai).

A vector format allows the logo to be made bigger or smaller without losing image quality and clarity. A .jpg file is not a vector format and may not represent a client’s logo at its best, depending on its size.

Any photographs provided by the client (you) should have a high resolution.The best resolution for photographs is 300dpi (dots per inch).
Even if the photographs will go on the web. Although the final photo will be published on the web at the lower resolution of 72dpi, I prefer a higher resolution to begin with. This enables me to better optimise any photographs (where necessary) and there is greater scope for re-sizing.

Images And Text In Their Final Form

Any text, photographs, illustrations or other material provided by the client (you) should be given to me before work commences. It can be a drain on time and resources if I need to wait for these things halfway through a

All materials provided by the client (you) should be in their final form with no future revisions necessary. Any changes which have to be made after the design work has been done will cost extra time and money.

If the materials change more than three (3) times; I reserve the right to cancel the entire project with no return of the fifty (50%) percent deposit.


Ownership Info For Third Party Images & Text

When you are providing images or text sourced from someone else, it’s crucial to also provide information on the legal permissions which have been obtained for the use of the material (if any are required). If attribution is required, the details should be provided to me before any work commences. This also applies for any other material (e.g. music or video) obtained from a third party.

Samples Of Previous Design Work (Where Applicable)

If a you have a seasonal marketing campaign, or their corporate identity needs to be revised, it will help to provide past design samples to me. It’s useful to discuss what worked or didn’t work last time, particularly in terms of customer/audience response or the direction which you and/or your organisation wishes to take in future.

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