In all categories I will provide 3 different concept designs:

Your Idea, My idea and a combination of both.

After that, when a design direction is chosen the client will have a maximum of 5 iterations per design.

The rule of 3 does not apply to:
Comic Art, Matte Painting, 3D Visualization, Interior Design & Voice Over

When the iterations surpass the limit, each iteration will cost $70 USD.
On the case of 3D visualization, each additional iteration will cost $100 USD
If the volume of work ordered surpass more than 3 services at the same time the quote will get a discount package of 5% of the total price as follows:

  • 3 Services – No Discount
  • 4 Services – 5% Discount
  • 5 Services – 10% Discount
  • 6 Or More Services – 15% Discount
First time customers will be eligible to a 5%discount
All quotations have an expiry date. If a decision is not made before the quote timeline expires the offers will be void.

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