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Audio Branding aims to build a solid sound story that identifies with the values ​​of the brand and allows companies to differentiate themselves and provide them with added value

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I remember as if it were yesterday, seeing my father in the radio studio of the University of Navarra, Ángel Faus, the first Doctor Professor of Telecommunications Sciences in Spain, listening to thousands of Audio Openers to look for Audio Branding-sound and perfect melody- to the sound Logos of the Spanish radio stations of Onda Cero, SER and Cope (among many others).

Audio Branding aims to build a solid sound story that identifies with the values ​​of the brand and allows companies to differentiate themselves and provide them with added value. While most marketing professionals understand the visual image with images, colors, logos, and even the written word, very few of us understand that it is possible to create (and own the rights) their own sounds and music that line up perfectly. with the attributes of the brand.

In today’s crowded business, ideas and product market, branding is vital. People who do not yet know about our organization will give us just a few seconds of attention before continuing, so all the strongest brand elements should be in place when the time is right.

Audio Branding or Acoustic Brand, serves to reinforce the visual brand. Musical notes or melodies that are easy to remember and stay on the mind. This discipline is widespread throughout the world and major brands such as CocaCola, Intel, Apple, McDonald etc. have created considerable competitive advantages due to the fact that they have the so-called “sound logos”.

There are psychological studies that have shown that human sounds are strongly associated with a special memory. The sound world has this unique capacity to recall certain experiences. A decisive advantage when it comes to building a strong brand in the minds of consumers.

Audio Branding is an exciting way to show who you are and make it memorable. Most marketers ignore it or just figure something out cheaply like a brand idea. They don’t give you the strategic attention and effort you deserve. This sound strategy seeks to achieve a solid brand building that generates a consistent experience. All thanks to the sound as a rich and versatile channel capable of meeting the objectives of:

Immediate response (ease of perception).

  • Focus of attention.
  • Construction of notoriety.
  • Brand image.
  • Memory.
  • Virality.
  • Wish.
  • Emotional experience.

It must support customer loyalty and foster a sense of closeness and belonging. Sound improves recovery, evokes emotions, and strengthens affinity with clients.

What benefits does Audio Branding have?

Greater attention to your brand.

It helps to capture public attention and build brand recognition. In an environment riddled with information overload, attention is perhaps the scarcest asset of your brand. Adding a sound to your brand identity can help you get the focus needed. Furthermore, sound can penetrate your clients’ subconscious even when they are not really listening. While a visual logo requires someone to pay attention, a sonic logo flows through the mind, regardless of where its focus is.

Greater loyalty.

Sound elicits much better emotional responses than visuals. If you’ve ever tried to watch a horror movie with sound muted, you’ll see that you don’t freak out as often. On the other hand, just hearing a creepy sound can be enough to give goose bumps. With sound, you can use emotion to build on the loyalty and engagement of your target audience. You just need the correct sound for your logo.

Best memory of the brand.

You don’t just want our clients to get to know your company; you also want to be remembered. There are many brand assets that can help with that, including brand photography, image, and logo. However, according to studies, listening to the sound or a piece of music can initiate the memory section of your client’s brain, leading to better recall of the brand.

Purpose and value.

Because the audio brand resonates with customers on a more emotional level, it can be a great way to convey the brand’s values ​​and purpose. Music is emotional and has a way of communicating complex ideas in a way that is easier for clients to understand. The right sound logo or audio identity can express what you stand for as a company and help convey a clearer message about what you want to bring to your audience.

Enhance personality.

Sound, as an emotional vehicle, can humanize the digital presence and make it more attractive to customers. Today, we rely heavily on websites and social media to communicate with customers. Unfortunately, while digital media is convenient, it lacks the personal nature of in-person interactions. Since people react faster to sound than any other medium, the correct sound identity could help to deepen your online personality, so it would not appear as a corporation without character.

Improve engagement and experience.

Music and sound can be powerful tools to encourage people to get involved with your brand. A fun or jingle sound remains in people’s minds. Have you ever found yourself singing or humming with the sound logo of a company without realizing it? A sound can even become a viral phenomenon or a meme in today’s social media world.

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