Some Projects, Some works, Some clients & Some Jobs are NOT meant to be.

The New Year has indeed thrown on me some unexpected curve balls, some of an incalculable dimension and some quite unfortunate.

I’ve had had to reject projects from clients that were being unfair and were diminishing my persona and personal expertise by either low balling me or trying to pay less than it should have been.

But most recently today – 8/1/2015 – I encountered a very untactful, unforeseen, unprofessional & Uncorteus Company and a man on his high horse that did displease me and insult me as a professional designer.

I would not mention names, neither undisclosed the name of the company, however they know who they are if they are reading this.

I basically applied to a job where I thought they would need help re branding their entire company as their image looked poor and distasteful for the kind of services they were providing not to mention a complete lack of purpose and drive to thrive for better grounds amongst big competitors in the country of origin.

I successfully then got a reply and a date for an interview, however “destiny” if you can call it that way, threw me a curve-ball where I had to cancel the interview and attend some urgent personal matters.

After a while, the own CEO of the company called me personally and agreed upon an Skype interview at this date mentioned above.

But yet again, “destiny” and or bad luck – call it what you want – unable me from making the skype interview at the accorded time by having a full hour of internet connectivity problems including cellphone signal failure. Which in the country I am currently living in; seems is a common occurrence.

However upon opening Skype after that hour and ready to apologize to the person holding the interview I found very distasteful and unprofessional name calling which made me lose any lack of respect for the man in question and knew immediately why the company was struggling and had the bad reviews I was finding on during my research on internet about them.

The conversation went like this:

CEO: tried calling you its 10am‏

‎CEO: 10‎:‎35‎ ‎AM  you are fucking useless‏


‎11‎:‎11‎ ‎AM

Dear (CEO), I have had no internet connection until now. But I see completely unnecessary the name calling.‏


‎11‎:‎12‎ ‎AM

you will never develop business opportunities by working like this Luis - im a serious business man and a resident of -undisclosed location -  for 15 years and very connected - you have failed 3 times now‏


‎11‎:‎24‎ ‎AM

I honestly don't really care who you are or who your friends are. I've been here six & I am also very well connected but I see completely unnecessary the name calling it is uncourteous and very unprofessional, especially on an unforeseen situation. Therefore good luck with your future endeavours. I wouldn't want to work with a person like you or a company like yours with that attitude and unprofessionalism. I now know why you are not in the top three shipping companies in (...) but a mediocre service trying to be elite. An image and brand ruined by wrong leadership. Good day.‏


‎11‎:‎25‎ ‎AM

Good day and good luck being a disorganized artist Mr Faus‏


The moral of the story for any of the professional designers and freelancers out there ( and even clients) is that sometimes “destiny” and “bad luck” prevent you from getting what you want, need or crave because it somehow knows that path is not meant to be for you; and it saves you by throwing curve-balls for you to dodge at all costs.

This is however the second time in my professional career that I have encountered such person. However in the first instance destiny did not save me from it, but that is another story that I will tell another day.



I also posted the above story in my Facebook page with the public option on the same day that it happened with the name of this man and his company. The morning after I decided to delete the post with the names but it seems he had too much time on HIS hands as a CEO – if you can even call him that out of a company of only 16 people- (actually only 14 since Ive been told two people are leaving that company because of HIS temper and many other dirty laundry)

HE just called me today 9/1/15 at 10:59AM and rant me the following:

- "Let me give you an advice, because you don't seem to know who the fuck I am, either you take the post down out of the fucking social media or I am gonna make you fucking pay. Nobody puts my fucking name on social media,this is something just between you and I. either you take it down or you will fucking regret it. Because you don't know who the fuck am I."

Honestly, who draw the smoking gun first? Me or HIM? Things should be taken on a professional manner always. Otherwise things can come back and bite you in the right in the ass.

And I am sure HE is reading this (Smile, you are famous! Say cheese!)

And I tell you this: Wouldn’t have been much better to say something like” I am sorry, but I don’t think you are the right candidate for the job” instead of false accusatory terms like the ones you told me: “you are fucking useless” or comments like eight hours later saying “you are disconnected you are a loser”

Because If HE had told me that first thing that I just suggested I wouldn’t have post anything and I would have accepted it. However using profanities against me and false accusations I will not only make it public in all manners and especially if I am threaten or suddenly something happens to me THIS story would be published with names, addresses, phone numbers and company names not only in internet but in all possible mass media outlets across Europe & Asia. Because I too have “friends”.

And I am loud and outspoken and will not bend to this kind of treatment, not now not ever.

Moreover truly powerful people don’t go out bragging how many contacts one has or how many riches he or she might have, and specially don’t really care of what one individual says about then on a social media site.


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