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Virtual representations of real life objects with an ultimate realistic approach

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What are Product Mock ups?

Product Mockups have been on the raise this last couple of years to depict a high level of realism from flat designs to real masterpieces to present to their clients. On the other hand, new businesses owners and entrepreneurs, with the use of these Product Mockups have been able to attain investments without needed to use the expensive manufacturing for the item themselves.

Ever since the digital world has become more and more visually interactive; The culture of design has been thrown from flat to a virtual 2.5 dimension. Eager to make-believe design objects that will present to the client/investor the ultimate virtual reality of their designed product.

Of course blueprints and flat previews are a vital tool for the design concepts, but are not exactly as appealing; instead they help correct visual discrepancies between the 2.5 dimension and what should be.

Product Mockups range from anything to everything. From presentation of Logos and Stationary design before getting the real printing on hand, to the presentation of a brand marketing campaign in roadside billboards or illuminated poster bus stands, to full sized signage designs on Mock-up shops, to the entirely digital made architecture of a condominium building passing by hardcover cases of smart phones, t shirt designs, beauty and health care products and all the product articles that one could think of.

So, really, what are ‘Product Mockups’?

There are virtual representations of real life objects, from either photography’s or 3D elements treated in Adobe Photoshop with ultimate realistic approaches that allows a designer or a business owner to represent a design in its higher form of virtual realism, mimicking the end product or an approximation of what it could be.

By the use of Smart object technology in Adobe Photoshop, an infinite amount of skill and patience together with  the thrive to go beyond pixel perfection, a designer can bend flat designs to go around objects or tilt them to follow a certain perspective to make the master files for Product Mockups.

Once finished, the master file is further prepped and tested and ready for any other design application such as logo mockups, Business Card Mockups or as I mentioned above, roadside billboards, posters, antique design carvings or even full corporate stationary objects.

So, these Product Mockup Master files how do they work?

Normally the creator of the product mockup will do a tutorial or a help file to let you know how it works and how with a couple of clicks you can attain your flat design get to be a photorealistic object.

However I will explain a bit further as an introduction of what to expect to find when opening a product mockup master file:

  • Once you have opened a product mock up master file in Adobe Photoshop (minimum version CS3) in the window of ‘Layers” you would normally find a layer called ‘Your design goes here’.


  • Double click within the boundaries of the selected box (as seen in the picture)


  • A new tab will open and will contain a example design that you should replace for your existing design.


  • Once done, go to File>Save or CTRL+S and go back to the tab where the product mockup file is. And your design will now flow nicely in a photorealistic environment.

Then you would just need to Save As your preferred file type.

Do they sell these Product Mockup Master files?

Yes, some designers such as myself, choose to sell these master files to help ease the workflow of another fellow designers or help business owners and entrepreneurs attain investments without needed to use the expensive manufacturing for the item themselves.

So where do they usually sell them?

By norm they are for sale in two of the biggest marketplaces for designers and stock design resources on the net called GraphicRiver and CreativeMarket. Others will sell them in their own personal sites, or distribute them for free.

In conclusion:

If you are a designer and need to present your work in a quick and efficient manner to your client; Product mockups will help you archive those goals while giving the wow factor.

And if you are a business owner or entrepreneur whom is trying to present a product to possible investors or sell it to potential clients; Product mockups are the most efficient and cost-effective way to move forward without spending a fortune or dealing with manufacturers to make you only one single prototype.

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