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Client-Provided Content

At LuisFaus Artisan Atelier, we understand the importance of client-provided content in crafting exceptional design solutions.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the management and utilization of client content data throughout the design process.

From high-resolution images to finalized text and permissions for third-party materials, our approach ensures seamless collaboration and superior outcomes.


  1. Provide photographs in high resolution (300dpi) for optimal quality.
  2. Even if intended for web use (72dpi), starting with higher resolution allows for better optimization and resizing.
Providing high-resolution images ensures the best possible quality for your project. While the final display might require lower resolution for web use, starting with high-resolution images (300dpi) allows for greater flexibility in optimization and resizing.

This initial quality ensures that the images maintain clarity and detail throughout the design process, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the finished product.

Ownership of
Third-Party Content

  1. Provide legal permissions and attribution details for any third-party images or text used in the project.
  2. Include information on permissions obtained for music or video sourced from third parties.
When providing images or text sourced from third parties, it’s essential to include information on the legal permissions obtained for their use. This includes any required attributions and permissions for music or video content as well.

Clear documentation of permissions ensures compliance with copyright laws and protects against potential legal issues related to unauthorized use of third-party materials.


  1. Submit all text, photographs, illustrations, or other materials before project commencement.
  2. Ensure materials are in their final form with no future revisions required to avoid additional costs.
Submitting all text, photographs, illustrations, or other materials in their finalized form before the start of the project streamlines the design process. This approach minimizes delays and prevents additional costs associated with mid-project revisions.

By ensuring that all materials are complete and require no further modifications, we can focus our efforts on delivering the best possible design solutions efficiently and effectively.

Previous Design
Work Samples

  1. If applicable, provide samples of past design work for reference.
  2. Discuss successes and failures of previous campaigns for better understanding of desired direction and audience response.
Sharing samples of previous design work provides valuable insights into your preferences and past successes. By reviewing what has worked well in previous campaigns and identifying areas for improvement, we can tailor our approach to better meet your goals and expectations.

Understanding the audience response and desired direction from past projects helps us create designs that resonate effectively with your target audience.
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