Transform Your Creative Journey


Unlock Your Potential

Are you grappling with creative blocks, seeking inspiration and guidance, or in need of visual branding support for your business?

Look no further than Design Therapy. In today’s fast-paced world, where creativity reigns supreme, navigating the intricate landscape of design can sometimes feel like an uphill battle.
Whether you’re an individual designer, a small business owner, or part of a creative team, Design Therapy offers a transformative approach to overcoming obstacles and unleashing your full creative potential.

How It Works?

Tailored Sessions for Your Needs

Our Design Therapy sessions are personalized to address your specific design challenges and goals.

All in four easy steps: Beginning with an initial consultation, we delve into your creative needs and aspirations, laying the groundwork for our collaborative journey.
From brainstorming and problem-solving to hands-on assistance and guidance, each session is crafted to provide practical solutions and ignite your creative spark.



Low-cost initial consultation where we can discuss your design needs, challenges, and goals.



Based on the consultation, we will provide tailored design solutions and recommendations to address your specific issues.



We offer hands-on assistance by remotely guiding you through design tasks, providing feedback, or even collaborating on design projects together in real-time.



We provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure your design needs are met satisfactorily.

Our Approach

Holistic Solutions for Creative Blocks

At Luis Faus Artisans Atelier, we believe Design Therapy is a holistic approach to design problem-solving.

Our method integrates counseling techniques with expert design knowledge to address not just the surface-level challenges, but also the underlying factors contributing to creative blocks.

By fostering creativity, clarity, and confidence, we help you tap into your full creative potential and achieve meaningful design outcomes.

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